About me

  • I’m a Postdoctoral researcher @ KU Leuven.
  • Working in Human–computer interaction & information visualization.
  • I have a PhD in Computer Science, thesis: Managing Uncertainty in Visual Analytics: Designing Explanation Interfaces for Recommender Systems and Prediction Models. [pdf]
  • I’m also a Software Engineer, Full stack developer.

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I am interested in visual analytics and communication of uncertainty, particularly, in supporting non-expert users in everyday decision-making. Also, I am researching how augmented reality can enhance the user experience in decision support systems.


I follow a design-centered approach that includes a scientific focus on a qualitative and quantitative analysis of behavior. Usually you can find me designing, developing and evaluating interactive visualization systems.


I also like sci-fi, playing guitar, photography, and lots of video games. I have a Youtube channel TacoLab with my buddy Sven Charleer.